Forty-one organizations whose staff participated in Roadmap Development have provided support letters indicating plans to coordinate with other stakeholders and align their efforts and investments to realize the ACTS future vision. The ACTS LHS Concept Demonstration and stakeholder-driven Phase 1 LHS proposal provide a foundation for coordinating next steps toward shared goals.

Federal Agencies: 1
VHA (Nebeker)

Care Delivery Organizations: 8
M Health Fairview (Melton-Meaux/Tignanelli), 
U Chicago Medicine (Umscheid), 
Rutgers RWJBarnabas Health (Sonnenberg)
MUSC (Lenert)
Hennepin Healthcare (Pandita)
VUMC (Johnson)

Professional Societies/Accrediting Bodies/Institutes: 7
American Medical Association (Rakotz)
AMIA (Dykes)
ACMQ (Casey)
ACCME (Singer)
NCQA (Barr)
RTI (Richardson)
ACP (Qaseem)

Health IT Vendors/Initiatives: 11
Epic (Little)
Cognitive Medical Systems (Burke/Bormel)
Health Catalyst (Rimmasch)
Apervita (Middleton)
U Mich/MCBK (Friedman/Richesson/Flynn)
Logica Health (Huff)
EBM on FHIR/COKA/Computable Publishing (Alper)
BPM+ Health (Rubin)
HL7 (Jaffe)
PICOPortal (Agai)

ZeaMed (Bondugula)

Clinical Evidence/Guidance Organizations: 10
Cochrane (Soares-Weiser)
COVID-END (Grimshaw)
GIN (Harrow)
JBI (Jordan)
Epistemonikos (Rada)
MAGIC Evidence Ecosystem Foundation (Vandvik/Brandt)
McMaster University (Iorio)
University of Minnesota EPC and School of Public Health, Division of Health Policy and Management (Butler/Beebe)
Brown University EPC – SRDR (Saldanha)
Penn Medicine Center for Evidence-based Practice (Mull)

Patient Advocates: 4
Hassanah Consulting (Tufte)

Rosie Bartel (Bartel)

Society for Participatory Medicine (Hennings)

Maureen Smith (Smith)

Is your organization interested in providing a letter of support for the ACTS LHS future vision and coordinated steps to broadly realize this vision? 

Contact for a support letter template.