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COVID-19 Guidance Summaries

Guidance Summary Reports below are produced and updated by the Penn Medicine Center for Evidence-based Practice. The summaries:

  • Focus on questions from front-line clinicians and leadership
  • Provide ultra-rapid summaries of:
    1. Guidance from trusted sources such as the CDC, WHO, and ECDC;
    2. Key society position statements (when available);
    3. Major health system policies and guidelines.
  • Are checked and updated as changes in recommendations occur and reports for new issues/questions are added regularly.

Available Guidance Summaries (date of last update)

If you would like to submit a question to be considered for addressing in an upcoming summary, contact 

About this Project and Site

  • Pilot effort to improve the development, dissemination and use of “living” COVID-19 guidance
  • Up to date answers for urgent clinical questions faced by front line health care providers and health setting leaders
  • Enhanced coordination and collaboration among those developing and implementing guidance.

Includes following tools to achieve the above aims: 

Evidence / Guidance / Answer Portal

  • For front line healthcare providers and leaders, and others
  • Delivers output from the Evidence Processing Workbench (and other evidence-based information)
  • Enables providers and others to query and act on this information in a quick and easy manner (including at some point after initial launch, API and CDS intervention capabilities)
  • For initial iteration - see left column on this page

Learning Community (coming soon)

  • For participants in the ACTS COVID-19 Guidance to Action Collaborative who are developing, implementing, evaluating or otherwise supporting living COVID-19 guidance to support decisions and actions by healthcare providers, patients, and others.
  • Supports web-based, peer-to-peer sharing, coordination, and discussions to improve clinical guidance development and workflow integration for COVID-19 (and beyond).

Evidence / Recommendation Workbench (coming soon)

  • For guidance summary developers; initial user is Penn Medicine’s Center for Evidence-based Practice
  • Makes it faster and easier for knowledge engineers to gather, synthesize, evaluate, continually update and share provider COVID-19 guidance based on authoritative, evidence-based sources 
  • As this pilot unfolds, project team will explore expanding Workbench use to additional knowledge engineering organizations to increase output of guidance summaries for COVID-19 - and ultimately produce guidance summaries for other clinical topics as well 

For questions about this site and Collaborative contact:

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